Precedence for Exodus 21?

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Precedence for Exodus 21?

Postby mariaw » Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:17 pm

Precedence for Exodus 21?
I was reading Genesis & have a question?
Are the Laws in Exodus 21 based on the precedence of the Hebrew's past history prior to Exodus 21?
According to Black's Law Dictionary defines "precedent" as a "rule of law established for the first time
by a court for a particular type of case and thereafter referred to in deciding similar cases."

Perhaps the "precedence" for Exodus 21 has already been set?
First, the precedence for Jewish bondsmen or "slave of slaves" was set in Gen. 9:25
where Ham dishonors his father, Noah, and becomes a slave to his more righteous brothers.
We can almost know the Law of Honor your father & mother was set by this precedence in Genesis 9.25.
According to Torah, true slavery or being a bondsman to righteousness isn't the brutal kind found in Egypt.

There are two kinds of slavery & I think the world needs to know the difference.
Honoring father & mother was probably set into Law by Noah's sons.

Exodus 21.2----Who makes himself into a Jewish bondsman & works willingly for six years &
should have gone free on the seventh?
Answer: Gen. 29.18 Jacob offers to work for Laban seven years for Rachel.

Exodus 21.3----Jacob arrives by himself, but doesn't leave by himself.

Exodus 21.4----Do the women & children who are really Jacob's family continue to belong to Laban,
their father & grandfather? Laban's sons seem to think they do. (Gen. 31.1)

The possible fight: Exodus 21:12----One who strikes a man
Exodus 1:9----Pharoh is strolling thru the streets of Egypt one day &
he notices that all the Hebrew married women are pregnant.
So he tells the people , the Children of Israel are so many that they might join our enemies & fight against us.

Exodus 21:22 "If men shall fight & they collide with a pregnant woman."
Exodus 21:22----Does the woman miscarry? Exodus 1:19----The Midwives report to Pharoh
that the Hebrew woman are experts at giving birth & all the boys have lived. There are possible fatalitys here but none listed.
Exodus 21:23----The only true fatality happens to Pharoah & the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, hand for a hand is found in the following:
Exodus 4.22----HaShem tells Pharaoh, that he has refused to send out Israel who is HaShem's son,
so HaShem "shall kill your firstborn son." Apparently living in Egypt is a type of death for the Hebrews at that time.
Is Egypt & Pharo's actions setting the precedence for the "eye for an eye" thing?

I could go on but this would turn into a major blog I'm afraid.
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Re: Precedence for Exodus 21?

Postby secretofgenesis » Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:59 pm

There are many precedence in the Torah and the similarities in them show how God works. It enables us to go deeper into the hidden meanings as well. The things that you wrote, I can say that they have their precedence from the Genesis chapter 1-4, or Genesis chapter 1 alone. I wrote a book, Secrets of Creation. It is in the thread that I started at the Torah section, and is titled "Secrets of Bereshit." You can find the link there to get the book. The book is only 12 pages, and each pages is very short. :)
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Re: Precedence for Exodus 21?

Postby mariaw » Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:17 pm

Dear Mr. Secret, Thanks for your reply.

Oh My!!! I just discovered that I haven't finished my thought on the pregnant woman. Ex. 21.22

I found her in Egypt as well as in the entire chapter of Isaiah 66 especially where G-d asks if anyone had ever heard of such a thing? Well yes! I heard of her in Egypt.
Isaiah 66.7 "Before she even feels her labor pains she will give birth, before any travail comes to her she will deliver a son

Exodus 4.22...."You shall say to Pharaoh, 'So said HaShem, My first born son is Israel."
Isaiah 66.9----"shall I bring a woman to the birth stool & not have her give birth? Says HaShem Shall I who cause birth hold it back? Says your G-d.
Jerusalem delivers Israel who is HaShem's "first born son."

Isaiah 66.10 "Be glad with Jerusalem & rejoice in her, all you who love her; exult with her in exultation,"
This birth explains "The new heavens & new earth" that everybody talks about.

Isaiah 65.17 "For behold I am creating new heavens & a new earth........

Answer: Isaiah 65.18----"Only rejoice & be happy forever for what I am creating; for behold, I am recreating Jerusalem as 'Gladness, and its people as JOY."
Jerusalem as Gladness, and its people as JOY is the new heavens & new earth!
Thats TORAH! Jerusalem is the pregnant woman & Torah's entire Jewish history as a nation as well as being HaShem's son is the birth!
Oh wait! That baby is already here!!!! I love this! The secret is that all of Torah fits together!
If I'm incorrect on any of this....somebody please enlighten me?

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Re: Precedence for Exodus 21?

Postby secretofgenesis » Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:41 pm

Yes, that is my understanding too, that Israel is the only son, the only daughter, the only wife, only servant, etc. It depends upon the level of Israel that they are used. And regarding Israel and Jerusalem. This can be explain through Sod. It is really about worlds within worlds, or in other words, sefirah within sefirah. This is how everything works in this universe. What happened to Adam who is the center of creation and who animals gather round about is what happened to Israel who is the navel of the world. What happened to Israel is what happened to Jerusalem which is its center. What happened to Jerusalem is what happened to the Holy Temple which is its center. What happened to the Temple is what happened to the Holy of Holies which is its center. The center within a center is where redemption comes. So it is natural to say that Jerusalem delivered Israel. And of course, in the future, Israel will deliver the world. Regarding creating heavens and earth, God does them always too. :)
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