smile on the croccadille

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smile on the croccadille

Postby aries » Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:39 am

the arbarbamel suggests the logic of the ten plagues would be first to strike the main god of the egyptians the nile and then the symbol of the pharaoh, the croccadille. In would make more sense than frogs. It has been suggested to read zephardeah as zipor nah reminiscent of those birds which keep jumping in and out the crocs mouth. However the italian who wrote into rashis a translation of ziphardeah in the talmud was wrong as croccadil. Rashi clearly translates it in the bible as grennuelle, a green frog.
Aryeh Shore
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Re: smile on the croccadille

Postby mariaw » Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:21 pm

Dear Aryeh,

I would like to share with you a story about Little Frog in Genesis 2.18.
I ad-libed just a little.

HASHEM G-d brings to Adam all the animals that He has created
to see what Adam would call each one. Yes, there is a frog!
No kidding..

HASHEM realizes that Adam is lonely without a helper in the Garden.
So the search is on.
This is an amazing assortment of animals.
This list is better than Noah's Ark because it also includes a very large fish tale.
Of course, Large Fish had to wait his turn being stuck in one of the rivers flowing out of the Garden.

This is almost like an audition for American idol or something.
Anyway, Little Frog is somewhere in back of the line & decides
he is greener & prettier than everybody else & so hops the line &
appears before HASHEM demanding to be first. (This is the ad-lib part)

HASHEM fondly looks down and considers, YES, Little Frog is one of my finest creatures. His voice will be a harbinger of spring & his story will delight a million children.

HASHEM, however, instructs Little Frog to go back to his place in line
& wait his turn........sandwiched in between some skinny & fat cows....Gen. 41.1-4 & that Large Fish Tale----Jonah 2.1.
Oh, and HASHEM G-d says, Lets not forget Talking Donkey.
Mr. Snake is first in line and will lead the Way as I will turn him into a very strong & sturdy Staff for Moses.....Moses will be his legs.

Adam is getting tired & very sleepy from sitting there hour after hour,
after exhausting hour naming all of these animals & not one of them
fit the profile of his beloved corresponding helper.
HASHEM declares this is "NOT GOOD!!!!"

In fact, Moses sits there from morning till evening until he is more than exhausted.
Exodus 18.13 and Jethro, Moses' wife's father, recognizes that Moses is alone and loneliness is "not good thing."
Exodus 18:14----"Why do you sit alone with all the people standing
by you from morning to evening?" We could ask Adam the same question.

One wonders why a leader such as Moses can be alone amongst all these
people? Or, why in Old McDonald's farmyard is Adam sitting
alone with such an amazing assortment of animals for company?

In deed, it would require all of the animals to work together for Adam's good.
And I might add, the people working together for Moses' good as well, however:

Exodus 18.21----Moses' father-in-law's power point lecture on appointing leaders is pretty good advice & fits perfectly here.
Moses listens carefully & heeds the advice & then sends his father-in-law packing away into his own land.

After all, "a man shall leave his father and his mother & cling to his
wife & they shall become one flesh." Genesis 2.24

One wonders how Adam is going to leave father & mother when he is
understood to have been the "first man."
Well, any way, Moses tells Jethro to go home.

I'm comparing Jethro's advice to Moses with Adam's searching for a wife:

Exodus 18.17...Jethro tells Moses the thing he is doing is wearing him
out as well as this line up of people. Jethro further advises Moses to find a corresponding helper & makes a list. (Ex 18.21) Find this in Proverbs 31.10 and describes not only men of accomplishment but also the perfect WIFE.

Gen. 2.23 (This shall be called woman-- Prov.) & Exodus 18.21 (Jethro's list found in Prov)----Bone of my bone & flesh of my flesh:
1. Men of Accomplishment----Prov. 31.10 "An accomplished woman who can find?"
2. G-d fearing people----Prov. 31.30 "A woman who fears HASHEM, she should be praised.
2. Men of Truth----Prov. 31.5 Kings should not forget Torah's Laws.
3. People Who despise money----Prov. 31.10 "far beyond pearls is her
value." G-d's people are of more value than money.

Well, I left the little frog sitting back in the Nile where he belongs.
There is so much more to say, but this is a really really long
line up.

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