Isaiah 56

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Re: Isaiah 56

Postby ittai » Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:43 am

Mariaw, good that you wrote on Rahab as innkeeper and not as something else.

By the way Maria is Mirjam, height. But what is the end, W?
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Re: Isaiah 56

Postby mariaw » Thu May 11, 2017 1:20 pm

Dear Attai, I'm sorry my reply took so long.
"Miriam” is from the Hebrew word Mara, meaning “bitterness."
The W on the end of Maria doesn't mean "width" unless you consider the diameter of a circle
W is the initial of my married name.
Now I'm widowed after 44 years of marriage.
The following is about turning bitterness into sweetness.

Egyptian bondage makes Israel bitter. They cannot see HASHEM'S redemptive power.
Proverbs 29:18----When there is no prophecy, the people become unrestrained.

Miriam, the prophetess, adds music, song & dance to the events at the Reed Sea.
Exodus 15:20-21---- Miriam says to Israel, Sing to HASHEM
Exodus 15:26----HASHEM'S words with His justice, commandments & decrees provide leadership & is their
spiritual food & drink.

Many times HASHEM'S purpose for Israel is hidden like well-springs of water in a dry desert.
And God's people are thirsty for lack of understanding. (Da’at Torah?)
So we journey to Mara meaning bitterness.
Moses teaches more of God's Words also known as the Tree of life
& sweetens the well-springs of their hearts.

According to Rashi:
Exodus 15:27----Israel compares to the 12 springs of water.
And the 70 date palms to the 70 elders appointed by Moses.
In other words, Torah is sweeter than date palm honey.
And HASHEM'S redemption something to rejoice about.
Brings to mind the Joy of the Water Drawing. ... -Trees.htm

Thank you, Attai, for your reply.
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